Ray Bitar surrenders according to twoplustwo.com forums poster PS<3FTP

2018-08-21 19:13:25
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright
Twoplustwo.com is the biggest poker forum around and is one of the places where credible and up to date news comes from in the world of poker, especially online poker.

2+2 forum posted PS<3FTP has made a post that claims to have an email sent to Fulltiltpoker emplooyees in Dublin addressed to them from Ray Bitar.

The email, which is signed by Raymond J Bitar, claims he has gone to New York to handle the civil and criminal cases against him relating to the Black Friday issues where 5 major poker websites were taken down in a single day.

2+2 poster PS<3FTP has only 3 posts at the moment and all seem to be about insider news so there seems to be some truth in their posting.

You can read the full thread here:

2018-08-21 19:13:25
John Wright