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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright
For many years Gaffg has operated without any comments allowed on the blog posts but we know how boring that was.  What took us so long to allow comments? Well every webmaster that has allowed comments on their sites has always dealt with robots and comment spam. Comment spam still hasn't disappeared and probably never will but we didn't want to be a platform for webmasters to abuse Gaffg with quick comment posts all for the sake of getting a link. At Gaffg we certainly don't have a problem linking to affiliates as long as it makes sense and there is a reason, like talking about the marketing aspects of a website or affiliates we have coached like e-sportbets.org or thepogg.com for example. Heck we even have a directory for it here: /resources/affiliates/ However if we used the standard comments it would have been a flood of comment spam and even with comments disabled, robots can still find a way to inject comments and links. Over the years there has been one software/service that has started to emerge as one of the better comment programs. It is both stylish and it keeps some webmasters in check. It helps make the users all registered like a social media profile so if they want to hide behind an alias, well they could but disqus is really meant to have real people making real comments on your articles.

Presenting Disqus Comment Software

Disqus could very well be the number 1 commenting software and service. It acts more like a service and you really only need a few lines of code to get disqus running on your site. If you run Wordpress then installing disqus is even easier as you can make it a simple plugin. Disqus is used by really popular news websites all the way down to small webmasters. Users can have 1 disqus account and be able to comment on any site that uses disqus. You can even go to their website to find out the latest comments being made and the latest discussions, anything important like online gambling news all the way down to the mundane like Toronto mayor Rob Ford is a complete mess.

Alternatives to Disqus

There are probably hundreds of alternatives to Disqus but we are giving Disqus the first chance on Gaffg. A close 2nd place consideration was Moot.it which has both forum and comments.

Moot.it Comment Software

We already did a nice review of Moot.it in a previous article which you can read here: /blog/moot-forum-software-review/ moot screenshot

Facebook Comment Plugin

The people at Facebook know they are the number 1 social network so it does make sense to use the Facebook comment plugin which you can get directly from Facebook. You have probably seen it on many popular sites by now. You can get the plugin here: https://developers.facebook.com/docs/plugins/comments/ facebook comment plugin

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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright