Moot Forum Software Review

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21st Aug, 2018
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Forums are popular tools for webmasters and some of the popular ones include vBulletin, phpBB and Simple Machines. is another forum software that aims to be different and could be the forum of choice for webmasters in the future makes forum and commenting software.  There are probably well over 100 choices for a webmaster to choose from when trying to create a forum on their website.

Most of these forums look and act similar with many of the popular ones becoming the preferred choice for webmasters, this is due to things like plugins, security control and their history.  

If anything the older forum softwares have had a good 10 years to develop and master their forums with an endless supply of feedback from webmasters to make it better.

vBulletin is probably considered the number 1 forum software around with plenty of developers making plugins for this and also considered to be the most SEO friendly forum software.

All forums seem to have the same look and that is half the idea behind Moot knows how clunky and cluttered forums can look.

Their inspiration behind their forums and commenting software comes from a design and user experience approach. To view their forum in action you can see their forum:

moot forum live screenshot

There don't appear to be too many cons on first impression of the software. A few would be the signup process using facebook or twitter keeps things a bit limited, whereas on the positive side it is a faster signup process.

Also all of those best vBulletin plugins you just don't really be able to integrate with Moot. Aside from that integration of the software appears to be very simple.  

Moot is free to try with the only costs are for upgrading $10 per month for branding and the maximum is $20 per month for single sign-on. Comments on articles and forums should go hand in hand but most forums don't have the same system or consistency of their commenting sections.

With Moot you can make it easy for your users to get setup so they can post in the forum or leave comments on your articles. They can follow your feeds or other aspects of comments or forums as feeds as well.

Fast forum setup

Aside from having a clean design that makes it easy to follow, setting up a Moot forum is fast and simple. Just select your site username, do a simple registration and then get your embed code and easy does it.

 It is a simple process to get started and the monthly costs make it easy for any webmaster to get off the ground. Best of all since it doesn't cost you a lot of money up front or time, it is easy to back out of your decision if you decide forums are not your cup of tea.

Responsive design forums! Not all forums look great on a mobile phone. With Moot that problem is solved, just have a look on your phone to see how Moot forums look on a mobile phone.

moot forum responsive design

Visit to learn more about their software, feel free to like and share this article with anyone but your competition.

What is a forum?

Forums are online platforms designed and develop with the intention of providing a channel where any person can interact with another one about a specific topic.

Forums have been around for quite a while now and thanks to the many tech innovations that have been used, they have turned into prolific messaging platforms where anyone can learn and provide knowledge about anything that you can think of.

Apart from that, forums are filled up with additional features and options that can make the interaction a lot more fluid and transparent.

Advantages that forums provide

Better customer support

This specific benefit or advantage has to do with companies more than individuals.

This is because forums can be used as tools to identify inattention or problems that your customers may have about your brand.

For starters, you can open a conversation on a forum about your product on sale. Through the forum, your customers may point out its flaws or the aspects where it needs to be retouched.

Overall, it is a great tool that can make customer service easier and more beneficial for the companies worldwide.

Increase popularity

This is a benefit that involves companies as well as individual webmasters.

Popularity is important for any website or content creator, without any doubts. If your platform does not have visitors and active users, it may be considered boring or bad in many ways.

Having a popular website is one of the quickest and easiest ways to show that your site is trustworthy, interesting and secure in all ways.

Forums can definitely help you get more relevant.

Forums are usually filled up with users across the whole globe that are interested in different topics that go from economics up to entertainment and sports.

Because of that, they can be considered one of the best ways to promote your brand at a low cost, or at times, even for free.

Increase the trust on your platform

Like it was mentioned previously, forums can be more than useful when it comes to increasing a site’s popularity. Surely, that includes the trust and security that your site provides for its users.

One of the most intriguing features about forums is the fact that the users can express anything that crosses their minds without any filter.

Hence, if your brand or website is praised or acclaimed on a forum, it most likely means that the opinions posted are real and honest, making all the users feel confident that your site will never cause them any trouble and is definitely worth visiting.

Get help on any topic

Forums were made to make your life easier in any way possible. All forums are full of recipes, tutorials and advices on any topic you can think of. If you have a doubt about something, you may consult with the opinions left on a forum.

They can help you develop a site, design a website, or even assist you with creative ideas for a brand or a product.

Millions of people leave their ideas and advices on forums with the hope that anyone may consider them valuable and useful.

You may be one of those people that could utilize forums to improve on any aspect of your life.

Build an online community

It is very easy to find people that share a particular hobby or occupation in common.

You can join a forum to start meeting people with the same interests that you have. At the end, you could be building a strong and reliable community of users that focus on a specific topic. The choice is yours.


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright