How to Find a Great Online Casino

Searching Online Casinos
20th Dec, 2021
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When searching for an online casino you always seek to have the best possible experience either to play in them or to join its affiliate programs.

It is important to know the website and not just be guided by the promotions and bonuses that they may offer, as some could be used only for scams.

The question that many new players and affiliates ask when selecting a casino is how do I know if an online casino is reliable?

Research is key

First, it is always good to do a little research on the reputation of the casino on the web, check if it has a license and some other details such as:

  • Payment methods: in order not to lose the opportunity to participate in their games, and also to know which is the method that best suits your deposit and withdrawal needs.
  • Security: this point is extremely essential to investigate or see the security terms that the casino offers to its players in order to prevent them from disclosing or selling your information to third parties.
  • Promotions and bonuses: the big casinos offer their bonuses from the moment their users register and these increase as the user plays on the website, including many users who are included in the VIP program for their loyalty to the casinos.
  • Customer service or technical support: they are in charge of clarifying doubts and helping players to solve their problems within the online casino, many even have an online chat to speed up this process.
    However, you have to keep in mind that not all online casinos have this type of customer service or technical support available 24/7 and with different languages, some have business hours and use one or two languages.

Not only those who want to play in online casinos should do some research on the casino they want to belong to.

Those who want to enter the affiliate program should also do some research about the casino and see if their affiliate program belongs to at least one of the following types:

  • Program with distribution of profits: this allows users to have a percentage of income in the online casino through the referred users, this percentage varies between 20 and 60%.
  • CPA or Acquisition cost: when the players referred by the affiliate make a deposit, the affiliate will receive a fixed commission regardless of whether the player wins or loses; This percentage can vary both by the amount that the player deposits and by the betting house where he is playing.
  • Hybrid or combined: this is the combination of the two programs mentioned above.

Searches are important too

Anyone who wants to belong to the affiliate program should know that obtained profits in any program they choose is based on traffic by people who use the casino through their recommendation links.

They will never have a stable profit balance, since it can go up or down in the period that the payments are sent.

You have to take into account which browser to use when looking for an online casino, since many can pay for advertising, such as Google, in DuckDuckGo casinos come out according to their relevance.

They can also be searched by keywords such as: "Online games", "best", "Gambling houses", "Affiliate Program" etc.

Or in any case look for a specific game such as: "Slots", "Blackjack", "Video Poker", "Poker".

Web Reputation and Visibility

The web's reputation can be obtained in two ways, through the SEO form and the SEM form.

In the case of SEO it improves visibility in searches organically or rather naturally, in the case of SEM they are paid advertising campaigns that appear in the most relevant results. For example:

There is "Google ADS" that works as an auction for advertisers, that is, they offer money in exchange for clicks based on the quality to classify the position of the ads; However, these are also based on certain keywords and can even leave without having any connection with the desired search or simply based on the interests of people for their browsing history.

In the case of DuckDuckGo, this browser does not collect information from users, so it makes your search more precise and is based more on SEO.

If an advertiser wishes to promote themselves in this browser, they can only be seen by users who are really interested in that specific topic or use a keyword while searching for you.

You're always promoting your ads without tracking your users, only basing it off on the searches they make.

Some of the best online casinos are:

King Billy Casino

Affiliates Features

Its great games and prizes are one of the reasons to apply to this online casino.

It also has an affiliate program that gives "Beyond the commission" and promotes unique and never before seen content to its affiliates almost in whatever language they want.

This is one of the top-rated casinos on the entire web! Specially when it comes to Online Casinos for Canadian players.

Woo Casino

Casino bonuses

A wide variety of game providers make the library of this casino incredible, it has an affiliate program belonging to the NetRefer platform to provide for its easy management.

Each affiliate has a personal VIP administrator to help him with all they could need too.


Affiliates structure

More than 4399 slot machines and virtual reality games await you in this online casino, in addition to an affiliate program that offers 45% of the income generated by new players, and great with missions with their motto "More players = more money".

Choosing an online casino depends on the needs of each user, however it's always recommended that they investigate the casino they want to join to, either as a player or as an affiliate.

It is always good to opt for the casinos with the best known operators or those that have a license regulated by a government or entity.

Having information before joining an online casino or its affiliate program is one of the most important things to do.

20th Dec, 2021
Simon Colmenares