Genesis Global license suspended by UKGC

Genesis Global limited license suspended by UKGC
31st Aug, 2020
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An absolute shocker just came in amidst what has been happening these past few weeks in the gambling scene. Regulatory figures aren’t cutting us a slack here much like what happened to Slotty Vegas.

It seems to be the turn of Genesis Global Limited to take the hit this time as the UK Gambling Commission, which was set up after the Gambling Act in 2005 was put in place, issued an “Interim suspension of operating license”.

According to the UKGC the problem is apparently related to “a number of compliance issues” which in turn turned into a breach of a condition of the license making them unsuitable to carry pretty much any activities related to gambling.

The UKGC stresses that this suspension makes it illegal for Genesis Global Limited to offer their services across nearly a dozen of registered gambling sites.

According to Genesis Global Limited they will “vigorously“ appeal to the suspension of its license all while “fully cooperating” with the review and that they will stay committed to complying with the UKGC. After all, the compliance violation doesn’t even seem to be specified yet.

Let’s just hope that these shortcomings will keep us all cleared of any bad practices and that it will also serve as a slap in the wrist for any major firm willing to make a name for themselves in this huge industry that is gambling.

As for Genesis Global Limited, we are sure that things will breeze through and we’ll see them operating again just as they’ve always had.

Genesis Global Limited is the company that is part of Genesis Affiliates.

What the suspension of the license means for the players

The suspension of the gambling license has left many players shocked, surprised and worried about the future of Genesis Global Limited.

This suspension has left all the Genesis Global Limited brands without a valid gambling license, preventing them from offering betting services in a lot of jurisdictions.

The players that are suffering the most are certainly the ones residing within the United Kingdom borders. These players find themselves unable to enter the platform and have fun playing their favorite games.

In addition to that, they are not able to withdraw any of the earnings they had accumulated on the betting platforms owned by Genesis Global Limited.

Some of them claim that they were counting on those earnings to pay bills and satisfy other personal needs and desires. Each and every player is stunned and anxious about the possibility that Genesis Global Limited may lose their gambling license permanently.

What can the players expect from the suspension?

At the moment, the suspension is not enough reason to be alarmed in any way.

As the Genesis Global Limited representative stated, the compliance violation has not even been specified by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission, meaning that the betting company still has some room to work with.

The players are advised to stay calm at all times. The news has surely been unpleasant, but it is not recommended being pessimistic and focus on the bad scenarios that could take place.

In the meantime, the players have been told to wait while some new information is announced from either the gambling commission or Genesis Global Limited itself.

What exactly is Genesis Global Limited?

Genesis Global Limited is a gambling company that has focused on providing many betting sites for the players worldwide.

The company was officially launched in 2014, and it has been, up until this point, a complete success.

The betting firm is nowadays the owner and operator of more than 10 different online casinos across the globe.

Moreover, Genesis Global Limited has managed to reach difficult and unexpected territories in all the continents, including Africa and Asia.

Overall, Genesis Global Limited has been known as a prolific and professional betting company that has always looked for the best offers and betting options for the players.

The Genesis Global Limited values

  • Success: Genesis Global Limited focuses on finding success at all cost. Not only for the company, but for the players as well. Genesis Global Limited never gives up and is always working to get better.
  • Integrity: Genesis Global Limited is never going to lie or commit any kind of fraud against the players. The company is set to be transparent and honest with the members of the community at every moment.
  • Professionalism: on Genesis Global Limited, every single employee, developer and executive is a complete professional in all ways. They are always looking for quality and improvement.
  • Innovation: Genesis Global Limited is part of an ever-growing industry where new inventions and ideas are important every day. Therefore, the company is always looking for the new options that could make it stand out from the rest.
  • Personalization: on Genesis Global Limited, the players are in complete control. They are offered a personalized experience where they can make the most out of the brands on a daily basis.

The Genesis Global Limited brands

As it was said previously, Genesis Global Limited has developed and operated more than 10 different online casinos since its official opening in 2014.

Some of those brands that Genesis Global Limited is in charge of are:

  • Genesis Casino
  • Casino Planet
  • Casino Masters
  • Casoola
  • Kassu Casino
  • Casino Gods
  • Casino Lab
31st Aug, 2020
Simon Colmenares