Google vs Bing – How to find the best online casinos

Google versus bing differences and features
23rd Jul, 2021
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Since the iGaming industry has been growing rapidly over the last few years, you can find lots of new online casinos and other betting sites getting launched on a daily basis

Some of these betting websites focus on the games, while others prefer focusing on their designs and bonuses.

Considering all the different options that the players can pick from, it can be tricky to recognize which ones are the best ones, so with a proper online search you should have no problems.

Google and Bing have been the most used search engines across the whole world. There are many other good search engines such as DuckDuckGo, Yahoo and others, but the most popular are Google and Bing.


Google was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin while they were studying at Stanford University. Some reasons why it has become the most used search engine are:

  • Importance: The engine's algorithm is complex, and it is continually being improved in order to give relevant results to its consumers.
  • Direct at all times: The search engine’s page is more straightforward than other websites. Therefore, it is attractive to consumers.
  • Reputation: Since its start, the search site has produced user-friendly and innovative items and it continues to do so now. It builds its tools with qualified staff, allowing it to quickly gain the trust of its users.


Bing was launched in 2009 by Microsoft Corporation, however, the company had launched a search engine before Bing called Live Search, but it never got the success that Microsoft was looking for.

Bing is the second most used search engine in the world because:

  • Appealing visuals: the search engine has been chosen over others thanks to its incredible visual traits such as colorful and mind-blowing home screens and news tab. 
  • Results before the blink of an eye: Bing is known and preferred for its speed, it is possible to find the best results on the search engine in a matter of seconds only.
  • Updates are constant: Bing develops and launches new and interesting features for the users almost every month so that they can get the most out of the search engine at every occasion. 

Differences of Bing vs Google

  • Searching for videos on Bing is actually better than on Google: this is because the list of videos shown on Bing is more detailed and has a more attractive design.
  • Bing has a better autocomplete feature: this is great for those players looking for quick answers, since they can get the best results with the least amount of words.
  • Google’s image searching is a lot smoother: with this feature, you can look for an online casino or specific photo through a reliable and appealing interface at any given moment.
  • Google offers a higher amount of results: thanks to its popularity, the engine is able to offer millions of websites to all the users. Google makes up for more than 80% of the market, so if something exists, it most likely shows up on Google.
  • Microsoft rewards: Microsoft knows that it is at disadvantage against Google, so they offer their users lots of rewards such as Amazon and PayPal gift cards to keep using Bing.

Tips that could help you improve your results

Be specific and straight to the point

Once you are on the search engine, and you are ready to start searching for an online casino, be as direct as you can. This means that it is better to ask questions that could be answered in the shortest period of time.

For example, if you are searching for an online casino that has a worthy welcome bonus, you should ask “online casino welcome bonus” instead of “online casino with bonuses available”.

Asking specifically what you want will allow the search engine to adequately place what you asked at the very top of the results, so that you do not have to visit many websites.

The order of words may affect your searches as well

It is important that you search for the online casino using the correct order of words. Otherwise, the search engine could misunderstand what you are requesting, and it could give results that you were not looking for.

For instance, the results would be better if you ask “online casino available in the United States” than when asking “in the United States, what are the online casinos available?”

Surely, the prior option would give more concise and favorable results that will give you the chance to find plenty of online casinos.

Use your voice in your searches

Sometimes, you have heard of an online casino, but you are not sure how the name is spelled exactly. This issue could make it quite difficult for you to find that specific online casino on the search engine.

You can simply ask the search engine through your voice. Just click on the Microphone icon besides the search bar and say the name of the online casino.

The search engine will start to search for the most convenient results depending on the name that you have just said, and the best thing is that this feature is available on both, Google and Bing.

Images could give you some help too

Another great feature that both of these search engines have is that possibility to search through images. It is possible that you search for an online casino thanks to an image you have, but the search engine does not provide you with the wanted results.

In that case, you can upload that specific image to the engine and wait for it to recognize anything that could give it a hint as to where exactly that image comes from.

Searching with images gives great results, but we recommend you to do this with Google because it is better in this task.

Let other sites do the search for you

Thanks to the high number of online casinos available nowadays, members of the industry have realized how difficult it is to find the best ones available. Because of that, there are specific sites that can help you or advice on the best online casino that exist depending on what you want such as and

Those sites and many others have listed a high number of online casinos based on all their traits, offers and trustworthiness. Through these sites, you can find reviews, opinions and other tools that could help you find the best online casino for you.

The best characteristic of these sites is the fact that they never recommend any online casino that has a bad reputation or has been involved in any fraudulent activities, meaning that you are free of risks when joining any of the sites listed on these platforms.

23rd Jul, 2021
Simon Colmenares