How to be successful as an online casino affiliate

Being succesfull as a casino affiliate
17th Jun, 2024
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Online casinos utilize various platforms and marketing methods in order to reach potential customers. The gaming industry is very competitive and so sites look to place their branding as far and wide as possible in order to stand out from the crowd. 

One avenue for online casinos is affiliate marketing. This is when companies or individuals agree to market the casino site and encourage new players to sign up via their own channels. They are then paid a commission for attracting customers. 

How Does it Work?

The role of a casino affiliate is to promote an online casino, usually on their own independent website. The casino will provide a package with its branding in the form of banners and ads. 

The affiliate marketer can then place these banners wherever they want and aim to get players to click through to the site. This works via a tracking link so that the site can see where customers have come from and track the money they spend on the site. 

As an affiliate marketer, you receive a commission when new players join via these links. Commission structures vary depending on the company. Sometimes, casinos pay a flat fee for customer sign-ups or first deposits. Others pay a percentage of the revenue that is made by the player. There are also hybrid deals that combine the two. 

But simply placing the links on any old site is not enough to become successful in this highly competitive space. It’s the job of the affiliate marketer to build an audience and promote the site to get the most sign-ups possible.

How to be Successful as a Casino Affiliate

The more customers who sign up through your link and play consistently on the site, the more you stand to earn as a casino affiliate. This means you’ll need to make a huge effort to market the link and drive traffic to the company. 

But before you can start the marketing aspect, it’s important to choose the right online casino that offers a fair affiliate scheme. 

Choose the Right Affiliate Program

First of all, you want to find a reputable, licensed online gambling site with a recognizable brand. The casino site should have a variety of safe transaction options, such as debit cards and cryptocurrency payments. Another thing to look out for is if they have any ongoing promotions that you can use to leverage the interest of potential players.

It should also offer a great selection of games to appeal to a wide customer base. This can range from classic table games like poker and blackjack to innovative variants such as Pai Gow Poker and Zappit Blackjack. Moreover, they should offer a nice variety of popular slot games, akin to 10 Times Vegas and Fury of Zeus, as they tend to enjoy plenty of attention.

It will be much easier to bring customers to a site that provides what they are looking for in terms of games and can be trusted in terms of brand and reputation. This should be a priority when choosing your affiliate program. Thus, make sure to check that they have valid licensing, along with reading through their terms and conditions.

You’ll also have to balance this with the need to find a decent affiliate deal that you can profit from. The payment terms for affiliate deals vary, so be sure to read up on exactly what you stand to earn. 

For example, cost-per-acquisition models that offer flat fees per sign-up can pay around $100 or even a few hundred. When the contract is for revenue shares, as in a slice of the total amount the customer spends at the site, rates can range from 20 to 50 percent.

These two aspects of the selection process need to be considered together. It’s better to go with a reputable online casino and take slightly less per sign-up than to choose the most lucrative deal with a poor site that may cause people to lose trust in you.

Creating a Website

Once you have selected your affiliate program, the company will provide a package that includes banners, popups, and other advertising tools that you can use to gain customers. To do so, you’ll need to get your adverts in front of an audience. 

For most casino affiliates, the first step is to build a website. This can then be populated with a stream of engaging content, such as casino reviews, how-to guides, and SEO articles. A call to action can be used to drive readers towards the affiliate site. 

Aim to make the content on your website useful and exciting. Not all content needs to be directly promotional, it can also provide general information about casino games, sign-ups, or the site itself. 

The idea is to bring in readers who can then make an informed decision about signing up. The more of an audience you attract and the more of a relationship you can build, the more likely they are to sign up for the casino site you are promoting as long-term customers.

Utilizing Multiple Channels

Alongside having a website or blog, affiliate marketers can also utilize other channels to promote the casino. Social media is a great choice and can work well if you drive a Facebook campaign, or gain followers with an Instagram account.

Actively browse and chat on forums and engage with your followers. You can even attempt an email marketing campaign by encouraging sign-ups on your website, or attempt video production on YouTube. 

Your channels should all feed into each other so that visitors to your social media are directed to your website and vice-versa. The casino link, of course, should be front and centre at all times.

17th Jun, 2024
Simon Colmenares