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21st Aug, 2018
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The poker affiliate manager Hjalmar gives an interview to discuss the World Series of Poker and what affiliates can do to take advantage of the WSOP buzz.

Do you see more poker player activity during the WSOP compared to the winter?

Intertops has a surprisingly even stream of poker activity all year around due to its very broad spectra of players and they compensate very nicely for each other.

Therefore we do not see big fluctuations in poker traffic around big events like the WSOP nor public holidays like Christmas and Easter.

Do poker players cross over more to the sportsbook than the casino and how do these player values compare to each other?

We know that even dedicated online poker players like to get a thrill and enjoy a change once in a while through wagering on sports and playing casino games.

However, poker players generally tend to cross over more to the sportsbook than to the casino because less is left to chance in the sportsbetting world. Regarding player values...

Intertops might be known more for a sportsbook than poker room or casino but do you feel these gaming products complement the sportsbook or stand out as strong products on their own?

Intertops started off as a pure sportsbook but with time it realized that it had to offer a complete portfolio to its customers and introduced poker and casino to complement the Sportsbook.

However, Casino and Poker quickly gained in popularity and became strong stand-alone products under the name Intertops.

Tell us a bit more about the poker room, what software does it use and what are the player incentives?

Intertops Poker is located on the Cake Network, it is a global poker room offering innovative and top-quality software to give all players an enhanced poker experience.

Texas Hold’em, Omaha ring games and tournaments of all stakes and levels are running 24/7.

Satellites to the biggest land based and online events run frequently.

Intertops Poker also offers all players access to one of the most lucrative loyalty programs in the industry.

Recently we launched our own monthly and weekly leaderbaords where the top 5 finisher after each period win cash prizes.

As you can see there are a lot of incentives and added value for the individual player.

The most important aspect is however that Intertops has always been reliable when it comes to payouts, with players always receiving their payments in a very reasonable time.

This efficiency is renowned for being one of the best in the business.

No sportsbook, casino and poker room could stay in business for as long as Intertops has without a reputation for meeting its obligations.

Players can feel safe having their money tied up with Intertops.

About Intertops Affiliate Program

Intertops have been established in 1983, online since 1996 and has one affiliate program covering casino, poker and sportsbook.

You can read more about Intertops affiliate program here:

Intertops Affiliate Review

intertops affiliate program

The consistency of Intertops

Intertops has shown a mind-blowing consistency that no other online gambling brand has been able to match. Intertops was officially launched in 1998 at the very beginning of the iGaming industry. At the time, iGaming was considered a crazy and bound-to-fail industry that no smart person should ever be part of.

For Intertops, iGaming was something completely different. For the developers and the executives in charge of the betting brand, the industry was a gigantic and lucrative field that was simply starting off.

According to Intertops insiders, the leaders and developers of the betting company always knew that the industry was going to grow rapidly and turn into a great field that all the investors would want to be part of.

As time passed by and the iGaming industry grew, most of those skeptical gamblers and businesspersons were proven wrong and Intertops was there to seize all the success that iGaming was offering to all the brands within it.

Intertops started off as a sportsbook platform where the players from a wide number of countries were able to gamble on the most thrilling sports events that took place worldwide.

The idea was a complete success, and the platform decided to expand its services and add casino games to its portfolio. The expansion brought in even more success and popularity to the company and turned into a top-notch gambling brand in a short period of time.

Shockingly, the casino section of Intertops began to draw more attention than the sportsbook and so the brand started to focus its offers and promotions on this particular segment of the site.

How poker rooms took over Intertops

The players registered on Intertops started to focus their investments and efforts on the poker titles and the rest of the table games available on the platform.

The sudden spike in popularity made the creative team of Intertops work on the offers and promotions that targeted table games players.

The strategy simply worked to perfection and the site started to grow and develop more rapidly.

Nowadays, Intertops keeps on offering different gambling sections, including the classic sportsbook and the mega popular table games section.

The betting company keeps on adding new titles and features to its platform so that the regular players and the new ones feel attracted to the site on a regular basis and help it remain as one of the best online betting platforms available in the world.

The reason why the players prefer table games

According to surveys filled up by gamblers across the world, most players prefer to invest their savings on games in which they can influence the result in one way or another.

Table games are surely those titles in which the players can influence the final result of the match. This is because most of these titles require the players to have some knowledge and skills on them.

Ultimately, the players with the most skills on the table games have higher chances of winning the match and get away with the cash prize at hand.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright