Expert reviewer Kati Saari on the mobile bingo solutions that impresses her

Kati Saari
9th Jul, 2024
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Playing online bingo on your phone is incredibly popular, allowing players to enjoy their favourite game anytime, anywhere. However, the quality of these mobile experiences can vary greatly between operators. Some sites offer seamless, enjoyable gameplay, while others can be frustrating and difficult to navigate.

To help us understand these differences, we reached out to Kati Saari. She is a seasoned bingo expert at Bojoko, a British-focused affiliate site renowned for its detailed casino reviews and player-centric approach.

In this interview, she shares her insights on the diverse world of online bingo played on mobile devices, discusses the differences among various sites, explains her thorough testing methods, and highlights how these factors influence her reviews.

You are Bojoko's bingo expert and review all new bingo brands listed on their website, correct? Let’s demystify one thing first. Are all mobile bingo sites similar?

Yes, I do, indeed! And to answer your question about whether all bingo sites I review are similar, I would say not at all. For instance, some sites focus on offering a vast array of bingo rooms with different themes and game variations. In contrast, others prioritise social features like chat rooms and community events. Bonuses vary drastically, as does design and the community as a whole.

And finally, there’s the elephant in the room, namely, that the quality of mobile optimisation varies. Apps are not popular like they once were, and most operators simply work to make sure the website is responsive to the size of your mobile. This can be really hit and miss, and in the worst cases feel extremely clunky.

How do you test mobile bingo sites on Bojoko?

My testing process is thorough and multifaceted. I start by evaluating the site's user interface and overall usability. This includes checking how easily registering, navigating, and finding the games is. I then play various bingo games to assess the gameplay experience on different devices and screen sizes.

Some sites offer a seamless, enjoyable experience with intuitive interfaces and vibrant communities, while others fall short in terms of user engagement and functionality.

If this part of the testing is successful, the mobile portion of my review is complete, and I focus on the rest of the offerings, that will be the same regardless of device, such as bonuses, the responsiveness of the customer suppor, and their payment solutions.

How do you ensure consistency from one review to another?

We have clear standards for what qualifies a bingo site for each rating, and rate each key aspect of the site. When you compare one rating to another on our ranked list of top mobile bingo sites, there should be clear reasoning behind each, and if in doubt, you can read my review and go to the section related to the rating.

However, as mentioned, each bingo site is different, and by thoroughly evaluating each aspect of the experience, including the mobile bingo experience, I can provide readers with accurate insights that help them make informed decisions.

Highlighting user-friendly interfaces, effective customer support, and valuable promotions gives players a clear understanding of what they can expect from each site. My goal is to guide users towards the best possible mobile bingo experiences, ensuring they find sites that offer both enjoyment and security.

When playing bingo, do you prefer to play on mobile or desktop?

I mainly play on my mobile these days. I love the convenience, and I’m not as glued to my computer as I once was. However, of course, for my reviews, I also tested all the bingo sites on my computer. I think that consistently playing on my phone has made me even more aware of how different mobile experiences can be, though, and it helps me know what to look for.

What can mobile bingo sites do to stand out?

To be honest, the mobile aspect of bingo shouldn’t stand out; it should be seamless. Just focus on creating a layout that facilitates a great gaming experience, and you will be golden, at least as far as mobile is concerned.

What you should focus on to stand on works across all devices, namely great bonuses and promotions, such as free bingo tickets or cashback offers, that give players added value. Similarly, focus on adding bingo variants and, of course, offering seamless payment solutions, etc.

Additionally, creating a vibrant and engaging community is essential. This can be achieved by organising special events, tournaments, and themed bingo rooms that keep players entertained and returning for more.

Sites that prioritise these aspects will have a better chance of standing out and attracting loyal players.

9th Jul, 2024
Simon Colmenares