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21st Aug, 2018
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We asked Mark from 8 questions about what it is like to be a new affiliate.

Some webmasters feel it is too late to get into the gaming industry. Obviously you don't feel that way with your new website. What is your outlook on the industry?

The industry is definitely saturated with amazing sites…and not so great sites.

We definitely believe that there is room for folks that understand the technical side and have business savvy to give some of the folks in the industry a run for their money.

You had a choice to acquire an existing website or start from scratch, what did you choose and why?

We initially chose to buy a site to basically “throw ourselves into the fire”, having to sign up for 100+ Affiliate accounts, etc.

It was a great learning experience to immerse ourselves into the industry. That being said, we are working on 2 new sites that will be our flagship.

What has been the biggest challenge so far?

Knowing all the key players in the industry, which affiliate programs to stay the “hell away from” and just the logistics of signing up for hundreds of affiliate programs.

The pros of having a no deposit bonuses website are ...

You generally get a lot of traffic from no-deposit hunters

The cons of having this type of traffic are ...

A lot of traffic but that doesn’t necessarily equate to high conversions (unfortunately).

Do you have any plans to get involved with poker, sportsbetting or bingo?

Yes, to all of the above… over time.

How helpful have other affiliates been considering you might be potential competition with them?

Extremely helpful, which has come as a little bit of a surprise as you would not expect that to be the case in this industry.

Last question, do you find the gambling conferences useful?

Yes, we recommend anyone who is thinking about entering the industry to attend, as it’s a great learning platform to understand the industry.

Editor's note regarding No Deposit Bonuses

No deposit bonuses has become a bit of a niche market that attracts a lot of players but doesn't provide as much value since players obviously just want free money without making a deposit.

As an affiliate you will struggle to earn commissions attracting players that don't have a real interest in becoming a depositing player.

This part of the casino affiliate business has become ultra competitive. If you are a new affiliate and want to promote ND bonuses.

It is a market that is definitely here to stay but understand it will take time to earn more of these bonuses from affiliate programs and to get the traffic needed to make money.

Buying an existing website versus new domain

If you are a new affiliate it is highly recommended that you buy a new domain and save your money instead of buying an existing domain.

In reality buying an existing domain will give your site more potential especially from a search engine point of view but when you are new, you should try to save as much money as you can and re-invest it later on.

You can try to spend your way to success but one of the best things about the affiliate business is you can get started for free, or for under $20.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright