Head of Marketing interview at Referback with Hein Klopper

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21st Aug, 2018
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What is your role at Referback and when did you join the team?

Head of Referback the affiliate program, online media , e mail and direct marketing.

I joined Referback in April 2011 however I have vast knowledge having worked not only for this company but also 20 years experience as Marketing Manager in the land based casino industry.

For this company I was appointed in 2006 as Head of Retention for North America, Canada and Asia, then promoted to VIP Executive Host Manager, then ran the entire USA as Market Manager before joining Referback.

My directive is to reengineer a division that will take us forward as a benchmarking entity with the focus of setting the trends as a market leader and obviously drive huge revenue.

Referback seems to be investing more resources into improving the program for affiliates and players. Can you share with us some of the changes that are happening that affiliates might appreciate?

Based on my previous experience and applying this, acquisition is not seen as an entity on its own any more, it is rather part of the entire Marketing process that includes conversion, retention and reactivation.

So we offer our affiliates the sound reassurance that we are looking after their acquired players not only on the shorter term but also on the longer term ensuring good conversion and a long term revenue stream.

The philosophy is that affiliates are partners rather than outside entities. Ensuring that innovative ideas, processes, concepts are received, considered and wherever possible executed, offering a better program with more revenue potential all the time.

Introducing a VIP scale of affiliate handling.

Quicker and more efficient service at all times.

When it comes to acquisition and retention of players do you feel the online gambling world for operators and affiliates has reached a limit on how far they can go or do you think something can always be improved?

This was covered above and No! We are only at the tip of an iceberg, there are so much more that we can do in a constant evolving industry and ever changing macro environment.

We commonly ask managers what are common problems most affiliates make but for the ones that get a lot of traffic and are very successful what do you see that these affiliates could improve upon?

Interactive communication with operators, the constant sharing of ideas and telling an operator what they can do to better their program.

Demographic targeting.

Affiliates have more choices than ever before when it comes to choosing a casino affiliate program.

Without sounding like a TV commercial, tell us why affiliates should pick Referback as one of their preferred programs to work with.

Our newly adopted vision above says it all.

About Referback

Referback affiliate program is one of the oldest and most established casino groups around that uses Microgaming software.

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The history behind Referback

Referback was established in 1999, making it one of the very first affiliate programs to be available since the very beginning of the whole iGaming industry.

Ever since it was launched, Referback drew lots of attention from the whole world, especially in North America and Europe, the two most lucrative markets in the industry.

Since it was one of the first affiliate programs available, every single aspect about was innovative.

Those inexperienced webmasters of the time simply could not believe all the possibilities and the chances of growing professionally that they had thanks to Referback.

In just a matter of a couple of years, Referback turned into one of the most important affiliate programs in the world, working as the main inspiration for many of the new affiliate programs that have been released in the following years.

Referback has always aimed at helping the webmasters of the world. According to the affiliate program’s executives, the platform has been successful because it cares and works for the webmasters and the players.

The present of Referback

As of this moment, Referback keeps on operating and helping webmasters across the globe with eye-catching conversion rates and marketing tools that allow them to promote the brands easily and comfortably.

Referback is still at the very top of the list when it comes to affiliate programs available.

The platform has been updated in all ways, and it counts with amazing features that certainly make it stand out when compared to the rest of the affiliate programs.

The affiliate marketing platform has not stopped innovating and setting trends in the industry. As it was said by Hein Klopper, the site is still working to improve and reach new horizons.

At the moment, the main goal for Referback is growing the number of active webmasters on its platform.

The site’s account managers are working on making deals and partnerships that could help the affiliate program enter new jurisdictions and areas that were unexplored in the past.

The possible future for Referback in the evolving iGaming industry

The iGaming industry is definitely growing rapidly. It appears that the industry is finally reaching the great level of development that was desired some years back.

Most of the growth and development has been pushed and motivated by the incredible advancements in technology and globalization.

Therefore, the largest brands in the industry are set to go through some changes and updates in order to keep themselves at the top for many years to come.

One of those large and experienced brands is Referback. The affiliate program is surely aware of the evolution that the iGaming industry is suffering, and it is already working towards it.

Given the great number of updates and new features added to Referback, the platform is certainly more than ready for what it is to come in the industry.

With that being said, it is expected that Referback remains as one of the most important and popular affiliate programs across the whole world, inviting new webmasters and investors to join the brand so that it can increase its value even more.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright