Interview with SiGMA CEO Eman Pulis on Latam Event Show 2021

Eman Pulis Founder of SiGMA Group
11th Mar, 2021
Simon Colmenares Author Profile Photo Simon Colmenares

Where will the event be hosted, and when can we expect to attend?

We’re heading to Sao Paolo, Brazil, on the 13th - 14th of September for our first LatAm-focussed event. The show, which combines emerging tech and gaming will be held at the Tivoli Hotel.

How many people are you expecting to attend the event?

We reached over 330 thousand through our digital events held last year, so we are excited to explore the interest this fast-growing marketplace is gathering. From the exploration of new regulation to digitisation, the LatAm gaming market is an exciting place to be right now.

What does it mean for the company to host such an event for the LatAm market?

We’re looking forward to bringing the networking opportunities SiGMA has become known for to the forefront of the LatAm industry. With so many avenues for innovation and business opening up, we hope to help shine a spotlight on this diverse sector through a series of expert-led conference panels, and a buzzing expo floor - the perfect environment for operators, affiliates, policy makers, and suppliers to build their network and forge solid business connections. 

Sigma Showroom

What new tools will be available for this new market thanks to the expansion of the SiGMA platform over there?

The expo floor brings a carefully curated display of the products and solutions leading the market. This high energy exposition offers a direct line to some of the top brands in the business - making it an ideal place for networking and deal-making opportunities.

Has this launch been difficult or these new tools difficult to implement due to what's happening worldwide?

As with many other businesses we have faced challenges in the face of the pandemic. However, the health crisis has also afforded us a unique and valuable opportunity to invest in other aspects of SiGMA. We have been able to explore the virtual event arena - to great success, and have also dedicated our resources to rebranding and revamping our website. In line with this, we have recently launched our website in 10 key languages, including Spanish and Portuguese - making SiGMA a truly global company.

What will be the main topics to discuss in the event?

The first part of our agenda is dedicated to exploring everything from taxation, to the regulatory frameworks inspiring innovation across South America. We’re also looking at influencers driving the LatAm market, sponsorship strategies and the impact of social media, and at how affiliation differs across different markets. The second day of our event will tackle the future of payment solutions, as well as the crypto boom, and emerging tech solutions - such as HTML5 development.

What do you think will be the best opportunities for the leading players in the Gaming industry?

SiGMA is known for facilitating networking opportunities - building connections is always at the forefront of our strategy, and initiatives such as the SiGMA Pitch are an excellent conduit for this - allowing 100 startups to showcase their products on our expo floor and connect with investors. The Pitch also offers an opportunity for 10 startups to compete on stage in front of a panel of judges for a premium prize of services designed to help startups on their way. The Gaming Awards are also an excellent venue for networking, offering not just accolades to the companies shaping the future of the industry, but bringing some of the top players in the industry together for an evening of wining and dining, as well as a high energy auction for our charity, The SiGMA Foundation.

SiGMA exposition with dozens of people

We've heard about auctions for charity that will take place, Can you expand a bit on what to expect from the SiGMA Foundation?

The SiGMA Foundation is SiGMA Group’s charitable arm, taking on projects across the globe, including fundraising climbs, such as the annual Kilimanjaro Challenge, which have provided much needed resources for education, health care, and environmental initiatives. The foundation has a number of fundraisers in the pipeline, with a focus on regions such as Kenya, Toubkal, and Camino de Santiago. The foundation also supports the iGaming Trails initiative - taking the gaming community on hikes across Malta’s scenic cliffs. 

11th Mar, 2021
Simon Colmenares