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21st Aug, 2018
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright has launched their new online casino forum. The new forum features software from and has a simple design that makes the forum easy to navigate.

Simple design, amazing UX

The casino comes with a simple design out of the box that doesn't really require much customization. If you want to edit the design of the forums you can configure a lot of the basics and apply any type of theme you have. Their default template is so easy on the eyes that it's hard to consider making any changes.

Fast forums

Discourse was created with speed in mind and the forums load very fast.

Simple Categories

casino forum categories

The categories setup at Casino Bonuses Now are very simple with a few basics offered to players. These categories include:



The categories set the tone of the forum although users can see a dashboard like appearance on the first visit of the forum page seeing the recent activity of the site. The categories section is broken down into core categories so you can view what's happening in the casinos thread, slots, bonuses or see what people are asking and answering in the FAQ section.

Casino forum with Discourse software

discourse forum software

The casino forum takes a different approach and load from what most webmasters are used to in terms of choosing a forum software for your community. The forum software used is called Discourse which initially was released in 2013. This software is one of the newer ones on the market and challenges some of the established ones available including vBulletin, phpbb, mybb. Some of the newer forum softwares that were available to choose from included Muut, Nodebb, Xenforo, Flarum and Discourse.

To see the casino forum visit

The importance of casino forums and review websites

Casino forums and review websites play a vital and crucial role in the iGaming industry. Both of these types of platforms allow the users to get a clear idea about the industry and their chances of earning extra money on it.

Thanks to these platforms, many users are able to register on online casinos and gamble easily without having experience.

Apart from that, sites like allow the players to understand all of the bonuses available on online casinos nowadays.

Moreover, casino forums are dedicated spaces where iGaming experts and players are able to get together and exchange ideas, opinions and points of view in the friendliest way possible.

These forums have given the iGaming world the chance to interact with one another and learn more about the new trends and topics in the industry quickly and easily.

Another great aspect about casino forums is the fact that they help the players get away from fake and unreliable online betting platforms.

These dedicated spaces offer special sections where the complaints and negative experiences of the players are stored so that anyone can read them and find out about the illegal deeds of any online betting site.

More about

This incredibly helpful platform focuses on offering all the details about the casino bonuses available to the players up to this day.

The platform garnered plenty of attention since its launch thanks to the fact that it provides proven and detailed information about all the different types of bonuses that exist in the iGaming industry.

After several years operating, turned into one of the most popular and reliable sites that offered information about casino bonuses.

Given the great success and trust put on the platform by the iGaming community, the site started offering additional information such as details about the casino games, the open tournaments and the many payment methods available to the players worldwide.

Now, has taken yet another step forward by launching its own online casino forum, which is set to become one of the most important dedicated spaces for the whole iGaming community in a short period of time.

How the casino forum works has managed to come up with a great and easy-to-understand space where all the iGaming experts, operators and players are able to make discussions freely and comfortably.

Upon entering the forum, you will face an appealing site with different categories on the left side and open discussions in the middle of the whole page.

You have the possibility of starting your discussions or entering any of the open discussions. You can filter the discussions that pop up on your screen as well so that you can view the ones that may seem more interesting to you.

Once you have found an appealing discussion that draws your attention, all you have to do is click on it to read all of the opinions posted on it.

To offer your personal opinion, you must register and log in on your account. The procedure does not take more than 5 minutes in total.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright