SiGMA Europe Virtual Summit to launch November 24th

SiGMA Europe virtual summit to launch November 24th
8th Oct, 2020
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Update: It has been announced that the event will be further postponed and will now run from 16-18 November 2021. SiGMA Group has taken action after Malta's Prime Minister Robert Abela publicly stated that new closures will undergo due to unexpected surge in Covid-19 cases.

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The SiGMA Europe Virtual Summit is now slated to launch from November 24th until the 25th, and its main focus will be the European gaming and tech marketplace.

The event will take place solely through virtual platforms, it will offer interactive and visual experience, a first for the company, combining both SiGMA and AIBC brands.

Eman Pulis, SiGMA founder, commented: “What started off in Malta as one single event back in 2014, has morphed into something bigger and more significant to the times of today. Following the huge success of SiGMA Asia and Americas Digital, we decided to end the year with a bang by elevating our online events even further. We’re excited to provide a collaborative platform that leverages cutting-edge technology to bring the best digital experience for discussion, entertainment and networking to the sector.”

New products and services will be shown to the public through a virtual showfloor with 150 exhibitors from the industry that will take part in the event.

A Networking Lounge and an interactive Entertainment Lounge offers users the chance to try their hand at the year’s biggest games and to debate and connect with 5,000 fellow attendees through private chat features or within groups.

The next series of events will take place in 2021 while looking forward to opening their doors as early as February next year.

The following is the info shared by SiGMA: “Due to unforeseen developments of the global health crisis and in line with advice from Malta's health authorities, SiGMA will move its November event to February 16-18, 2021. Europe remains a leading market for iGaming making this the perfect opening gaming show for 2021 in addition to inaugural shows across Asia in May 2021 and Americas in September 2021”

New rules and conditions set for the upcoming SiGMA Europe Summit

The SiGMA Group has had to change the organization of the upcoming SiGMA Europe Summit. At first, the event was set to be hosted in the country of Malta, where the attendees and exhibitors would be able to enjoy the large amount of hotels and restaurant present in the beautiful nation.

The event was organized to bring the whole community together in a single venue and share all the new trends and hot topics regarding the iGaming industry.

Due to expected rise in the number of Maltese citizens infected with the virus, the regulations and limitations have changed and now the SiGMA Europe Summit will be under way virtually, thus the name SiGMA Europe Virtual Summit.

Despite the great number of infected people with the lethal virus, many fans of the summit and brands were faithful and hopeful that the event was going to take place in-person.

Sadly, it will not be the case. Health must be the top priority for not only the governments, but everyone in the whole world so the measurements must be respected and followed in every way, so no more people get infected with virus.

Differences between an in-person event and a virtual one

The SiGMA Europe Summit has been a usual and entertaining iGaming event that has been hosted in Malta since 2004 with great success in every opportunity.

The success of the event was such that other summits were requested in continents such as America and Asia, which led The SiGMA Group to organize these summits for the aforementioned continents years later.

In-person, iGaming events have a great fanbase because of how amusing and fulfilling they can be to each and every attendee and exhibitor. The events have been used for many to make their respective brands and products grow while also building up amazing social networks.

When it comes to the virtual events, these are conferences or gatherings that are hosted on a server and pretty much anyone across the whole world can be part of them.

The biggest difference between these two kinds of events is the limit of people that can join them. The virtual events are open to a limitless amount of people, while the in-person events tend to have a limit so that the venues are not too crowded.

A new era of SiGMA Europe Virtual Summits

Since the announcement about the SiGMA Europe Summit being hosted virtually and changing its name to “SiGMA Europe Virtual Summit”, many fans of the event wonder if this will be the new usual and expected way to host the iGaming event.

Concerning this, The SiGMA Group expressed that they have no intention of leaving the in-person events permanently and that this last initiative was taken due to the new measurements imposed in Malta.

It is possible that the popular summit is hosted both in-person and virtually, but it is very unlikely that such an important and famous event changes its tradition so drastically in a short period of time.

Therefore, the players and brands do not have anything to worry about, their favorite iGaming event is here to stay for long and nothing will change that.

8th Oct, 2020
Simon Colmenares