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Statementgames launches new fantasy sports game
10th Jan, 2021
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The new and free to play DFS (daily fantasy sports) platform, has just reinvented themselves by combining elements of Fantasy Sports and Sports betting.

In a video posted in social media and webpage, they explain thoroughly how does this new take work and how are they doubling down on their non-traditional business model on making it a number 1 priority to give their members the best of opportunities to earn cash rewards.

It still seems to be a rather easy ordeal after all considering that we’re treading on new waters here.

Easy to use and consumer friendly

Just go into their webpage, check descriptions in the lobby area, find teams according to their corresponding tournaments and confirm. After that you’ll be prompted to choose up to 10 statements per tournament selected, and it will be as simple as doing some drag and drop to sort the order as desired and, finally, click save. It’s that easy.

statementgames new platform is easy to use

The platform is focused on being a free to play sports gaming platform where you still compete for cash rewards while staying a fantasy sports system.

You’ll be immersed in prop-based ranking games where you’ll take part in single or multiple sporting events that span over the course of several weeks depending on what you choose. Depending on the hits you make after setting up your statements list, you’ll collect coins or platform credits that you can redeem for cash gift cards for merchants such as Amazon, Google Play, Apple, Nike, and many more.

Great availability

This platform is available worldwide, so make sure to check it out. Get your 60 coins upon registration and keep spinning the daily wheel in the “Get Coins” tab to top up your account and have fun with your family in private lobbies.

Thanks to the fact that sports betting is becoming legal in even more states across the U.S., there’s no doubt that these new venues will grow in popularity between consumers. Both user-friendly interfaces and free-to-play platforms form part of an excellent formula for success, and that’s what you’ll find here.

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10th Jan, 2021
Simon Colmenares