Top 5 US facing Sportsbook Affiliate Programs

top USA sportsbook affiliate programs
28th May, 2019
Andrej Trajkovski

When people are looking for affiliate programs that belong to the gambling industry, they are usually focused on online casinos. Many of them are unaware that there’s great value in affiliate programs developed by online bookmakers. One of the reasons for the lack of interest related to bookies is that the number of online sportsbooks is way lower compared to the number of online casinos. But, this doesn’t make online sportsbook affiliate programs or sportsbooks, in general, less attractive.

The truth is that many of these bookmakers have online casino games in their offer. So, if you are after casino players, you can benefit from promoting these programs by pointing out that the sportsbook you are suggesting has a wide range of online casino games too. Of course, it would be nice to find a group of users that are interested strictly in sports betting. There is a wide range of online bookies that have more rewarding programs compared to online casinos.

The number of brands, payment options, payment calculations, history, awards, countries where they are available – these are some of the things that make good sportsbook affiliate programs. To save you some time, we have conducted research and created a list of top US online bookmakers affiliate programs.

Web Partners

Web Partners sportsbook affiliate programs

Web Partners is an affiliate program which has a few popular brands in its offer. So, if you decide to work with Web Partners, you will get a chance to promote both sportsbooks and casinos on your website including,,,,, and In addition to American players, most of these sites accept players from North, Central, and South America as well as from other regions of the world. The good thing is that Web Partners allows affiliates to choose a commission plan that they prefer – a hybrid, CPA (Cost per Account) or revenue sharing. With the last option, you can get up to 35% revenue share.

Based in Costa Rica, this bookie affiliate program is available in the Spanish language too. Promoting brands which are part of this program is easy thanks to the innovative text links, branded lines, odds widgets, XML feeds and banners available here.

Intertops Affiliate

Intertops Affiliate sportsbook affiliate programs

Back in 1983, Intertops got its UK Bookmakers License. Starting from 1996 they have entered the online gambling market. For many years, they have their special Intertops Affiliate program. Today, this program includes four products – Casino Red, Intertops Poker, Intertops Casino Classic, and Intertops Sportsbook. The latter includes a great selection of sports with a wide array of betting markets including some of the most popular US markets for sports betting like ice hockey, basketball, baseball, American football and more. The good thing is that this sportsbook provides many different bonuses for new and existing players.

You can use the same account on all their products and the commission is based on the classic revenue share model which goes between 20% and 35% depending on the amount of money placed by newly signed players per month. The payments are processed on a monthly basis.


CommissionKings sportsbook affiliate programs

CommissionKings was introduced in 2018. But, this doesn’t mean that it’s a brand new program because it was created to replace another popular affiliate program – Partner Earnings. There are four brands that are part of this affiliate program now. In addition to Wild Casino, you can promote three different sportsbooks which are especially popular among US players – TigerGaming, and We are talking about well-known brands with years of presence on the market and many positive reviews.

Even though these sites are well-established, you can probably still find many new users by highlighting the great offer of these bookies and their special bonuses for new players and loyal players. The good thing is that all these sites allow sports betting on sports popular in North America like NCAA basketball, NCAA football, MLB, NHL, NFL, NBA, MLS and more. For their affiliates, CommissionKings have two commission plans – a classic CPA plan and a net revenue share plan (up to 45%). Whenever you need help as an affiliate, you can reach their professional affiliate team via email.

Best Partners

Best Partners sportsbook affiliate programs

There’s more than one reason why Best Partners is considered to be one of the best US online bookmakers affiliate programs. For starters, this is an affiliate network which exists since 1994. Powered by MyAffiliates, this program provides access to a wide range of tools that affiliates will find useful. You will get detailed reports which can help you boost your earnings and they also provide access to a team of experienced managers.

From text links and affiliate banners to screenshots and write-ups, you will get all kinds of promotional tools from Best Partners. Their clients include Bodog, Bumbet, Bovada and few other brands which are popular worldwide. Don’t forget that most of these sportsbooks and casinos are accepting Bitcoin. The commission structure depends on the sportsbook you are promoting, but generally speaking, they are focused on revenue share commission which is usually between 25% and 40% and CPA deals provided to select affiliates.

5Dimes Affiliates

5Dimes Affiliates sportsbook affiliate programs

5Dimes Affiliates was created for the promotion of 5Dimes – a popular sportsbook, casino, racebook, poker room, and lottery room. This site was launched in 1996 which means that it’s quite established. Additionally, 5Dimes Affiliates is responsible for the promotion of two other brands Sportbet and Island Casino. There are some great sports betting opportunities provided by these three brands. The good thing is that they all accept US players.

There’s proprietary software used for the affiliate system provided by 5Dimes Affiliates. This system provides different promotional materials to users. They can use these materials via email or directly on their websites. When it comes to payments, you can choose from two commission plans. The first one is the classic revenue share plan with a decent revenue share. The other one is a CPA deal which can be used only by top-rated affiliates. It’s possible to get a deal like this only after contacting 5Dimes Affiliates.

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28th May, 2019
Andrej Trajkovski