US Poker domains sezied by DOJ

ultimate bet domain seized
21st Aug, 2018
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US poker domains seized by the Department of Justice in the United States. The domains and poker companies hit are PokerStars, FullTiltPoker, UltimateBet, Absolute Poker and

The online gambling industry is shaken today by the news that 5 major poker domains have been seized by the DOJ.

The 5 domains are,,, and

The news spread quickly first through poker players such as Tom Dwan on his twitter account at with about 10 tweets about the news. Tom Dwan is a sponsored poker pro at Full Tilt.

Tom Durrrr Dwan notes that players shouldn't worry about getting their money out of the poker room but said the smaller rooms would be concerning.

At the largest poker forum twoplustwo the news spread there and is now turning into a mega-thread with many poker players concerned about getting money out of their poker accounts.

Some player reports from Americans are showing popup messages on their poker clients saying they can no longer play poker for real money in their jurisdiction.

Players from around the world are saying they have no problems logging in or playing poker.

twoplustwo thread

At GPWA forums the news is already being discussed by affiliates:

In an email newsletter to affiliates from BetUS Partners, they let their affiliates know about the news and recommended that they all switch to promoting BetUS poker.

At the moment some of the domains appear to be seized but it is believed that the dns has already been updated and that it will take a bit of time for all 5 domains to be updated and viewed by everyone.

For gambling affiliates this might be of concern of those marketing towards American players.

If the sites can't stay online or process payments then it makes it difficult for affiliates to survive.

At the moment it seems Europe is the safest place for affiliates in gambling more EU countries have implemented some form of regulation or acceptance of online gambling.

The move against the most popular poker platforms in the United States of America

Once again, the American authorities have found the way to strike back against the iGaming industry. This time, the blow is heavy and hard, targeting 5 of the most famous and reputable poker platforms available up to this day.

Certainly, one of the main reasons why,,, and were so popular was the fact that there were able to offer their services to the American citizens while most of the other betting platforms were not.

Sadly, it seems that that particular trait has gone against them due to the fact that the Department of Justice has seized their respective domains.

This issue may not be permanent, but it will surely take some time to be fully solved. Time that could seem endless for those American players who have their earnings stuck on the platforms.

Many players have found their way to let the Department of Justice know how unfair and problematic this measurement is for all of them. Currently, the Department of Justice has not pronounced any word on the lack of support provided by the players.

Moreover, the seizing of the domains apparently seems to have no base, according to several iGaming experts. This is because each one of the 5 betting platforms involved in the case has respected and abided by all the regulations and conditions imposed by the United States government.

The news may be shocking but not unexpected

Even though the news has been devastating for all the poker fans within the United States of America, it is true that it is not unexpected at all.

This is because the United States of America has always shown their disdain and contempt against the iGaming industry and the possibility of approving its legal presence all over the country.

The North American nation considers the industry to be too risky and dangerous for the citizens and the whole American economy. Therefore, it is a federal law to prohibit the practice of any form of gambling within the country.

Nonetheless, the federal power of the United States of America has also stated that each and every state has authorization to impose their own rules and laws when desired, the reason why several states have taken it upon themselves to accept the use of gambling sites within their borders.

Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware are just three of those brave states who consider the iGaming industry to be reliable and quite lucrative for their own purposes and goals.

However, the list of states where online gambling is prohibited is still long, so the whole country can be considered hostile territory for the industry.

The future for the 5 poker platforms,,, and represent more than 70% of all the poker players that gamble within the United States of America.

Closing down these platforms in the country would represent a massive loss for the iGaming industry as well as the government in terms of tax revenue.

Because of that, it is unlikely that these powerful betting platforms remain seized for long. As a player, the best thing to do is wait for the positive news to be published. It is advised to stay calm and optimistic at all times while the situation gets sorted out.


21st Aug, 2018
John Wright