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21st Aug, 2018
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How does the betting activity compare on the entire March Madness tournament versus the Super Bowl?

The Super Bowl is definitely the highlight of the sporting year: Media all over the world cover the Super Bowl and fans across the globe love to watch it.

March Madness does not receive the same kind of attention outside of North America, but for customers in the United States and Canada it is a very big deal.

In general, March Madness means a lot of wagering activity.

Bettors love to place parlays, including several selections on the March Madness tournament.

The average punter follows the seedings closely, but there are always plenty of customers ready to risk their money on underdog hunches.

And there is another factor that definitely distinguishes the betting activity on March Madness from that on the Super Bowl: The bettor has much more time to bet on the Super Bowl (two weeks after the Championship games), the March Madness tournament progresses a lot faster, which has its effects on the betting activity as well.

Based on trends over the years, how much more betting activity do you expect this year compared to the last 2 years?

Our expectations are very high this year!

Our loyal customers know that Intertops has been a reliable and trusted Sportsbook for many, many years.

This is very much appreciated and our large variety of promotions and bonuses are always well received.

In general, we do expect a significant increase in betting activity compared to the last 2 years.

Do you expect social media to play a bigger roles for affiliates and the marketing of the sportsbook to players?

Definitely! Social media will further increase sportsbook popularity.

Sportsbooks and affiliates will have to adapt to this development and use the social media as a marketing tool in the near future.

This tendency is quite obvious and means the development and adoption of new marketing strategies. We are certain that social media has a lot of potential for both affiliates and Sportsbooks.

For the sportsbetting players that do like to cross over to other games do you find they go more for poker or for the casino?

It's hard to provide a general answer to this question. There are many different kinds of players.

Some are strict sports bettors, while others love to try their luck in our Intertops Poker Room and in our Casino.

We currently have slightly more players doubling up in the Casino.

What tools do you have to promote the March Madness NCAAb tournament?

We are very keen on offering as many great promotions on the March Madness tournament as possible.

Customers know that they can expect some additional entertainment at Intertops for sure.

We like to offer many opportunities for them to boost their wagering accounts before and during major sporting events.

We also provide attractive odds on all the action and a huge number of bet offers to suit every taste.

Of course, we will use several channels in order to promote our extended offers for the March Madness tournament!

About Intertops Affiliate

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The hype caused by March Madness

March Madness is part of the ending phase of the NCAAb tournament. It takes place every single year, and it is played by the top American colleges.

The tournament has always garnered plenty of attention across all of North America. The attention is such that many players end up becoming superstars without even going professional.

Historically, March Madness has been considered one of the most thrilling, eye-catching and exciting sports tournaments. In addition to that, lots of fans feel more than just engaged thanks to the fact that their beloved schools are taking part in.

The hype caused by March Madness is definitely a factor that most betting platforms take advantage of nowadays.

Therefore, it is common to see many ads and posters promoting the offers that these sites have available to the gamblers across North America and the rest of the world.

March Madness is not just one of the biggest showcases for the college players, it is also a great window for the betting platforms that are looking for new users that can invest some of their savings on them.

As a matter of fact, according to statistics, many new and inexperienced gambling platforms receive a high number of players in the month of March. This is because of the juicy and interesting offers that these betting sites have available to the users during that particular month.

March Madness is not famous in North America only

March Madness is not a great tournament that is followed by Americans and Canadians only. The compelling basketball tournament has also drawn the attention of the sports fans across the world.

Most of that globalization has been achieved thanks to the many new TV deals made by the NCAAb executives and the assistance of the internet and all the social media platforms that are accessible through it.

Nowadays, March Madness is considered one of the most watched sports tournaments and the second most important basketball tournament in the whole world, surpassing the Olympics' basketball tournament and the FIBA World Cup.

The great chance for the gambling operators

Since March Madness is now watched and followed throughout the whole world, the tournament has turned into a top priority for the sportsbooks.

These betting platforms invest a high sum of money every year in offers and marketing deals that could help them draw the attention of new players and investors.

Apart from that, the tournament flies by very quickly, so the gambling operators must be ready to work on their marketing strategies even before the tournament goes under way.

It is estimated that the top gambling platforms that offer the chance to bet on March Madness matches generate from $100 million to $200 million during that specific month of the year.

With those mind-blowing statistics, it is more than obvious how important and profitable March Madness is for everyone involved.

In case you are interested in investing some of your money on the March Madness, you may visit Intertops and join for free to start seizing the great odds and offers that this betting site has available to you.

21st Aug, 2018
John Wright