Welcome to the new Gaming Affiliates Guide which offers many services to affiliates and webmasters in the online gambling industry. At gaffg you can also see listings for casino, poker, bingo, sportsbetting, lottery, binaries and forex affiliate programs.

At gaffg you can also expect to find the things that all webmasters seem to need but have a difficult time finding. These things include SEO help and consultants, content writers, translation, graphic design, programmers, relevant marketing conferences and a lot more. Think of it as the new market place for the online gambling industry that bridges the gap for everyone including new webmasters and marketers that are new to the gaming business.

Perhaps our best feature at gaffg is connecting affiliates together with affiliate coaching. If you are a new webmaster then get 1 on 1 help to accelerate your business. Don’t reinvent the wheel and get an affiliate coach and partner with someone who has the experience to help you become a super affiliate.

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Gaffg Awards 2014 Winners

Congratulations to all of the winners of the Gaffg Awards 2014!


Start your week right with our KickstartMonday series featuring some of our best content.

Bonnier Gaming Affiliates interview with Marius Filip

Learn more about Bonnier Gaming Affiliates with our interview with marketing manager Marius Filip

Affiliate Saga interview with Per Thorn

If you haven’t joined the affiliate program for Casino Saga then you should check it out as they have a unique casino experience for players

Life without Microsoft, Bye Bye Windows

We start the new year off with a rant on Microsoft as I replace Windows 8 with Mac OS and Chrome OS

Gaffg Awards 2014 Winners

Want to see who has won our 4th annual Gaffg Awards? Presenting winners for the Trusted Affiliate Managers, Trusted Affiliate Programs and Charity Recognition Award

Interview with Keith Hathaway from VIP Affs

Keith Hathaway is Head of Acquisition at VIP Affs brand for VIP Stakes casino and sportsbook. He gives us an interview to discuss the new program and he also wants your votes too!

YouTube Alternatives & Video Self Hosting

YouTube terminate your account? You are probably not alone. We list some YouTube alternatives and other video self hosting options.

Affiliate Contests & Promotion

  • $100 Bonus with Global Live Partners

    An exclusive promotion with Global Live Partners available for new and existing affiliates. Earn your first $1000 in commissions and get an extra $100 on top of it. Join the newsletter and Global Live Partners to participate.

  • $100 Bonus with CasinoLuck Affiliates

    An exclusive promotion with CasinoLuck Affiliates available for new and existing affiliates. Earn your first $1000 in commissions and get an extra $100 on top of it. Join the newsletter and CasinoLuck Affiliates to participate.


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  • Berlin Affiliate Conference 2015 Oct 22nd - 25th, 2014
    Berlin, Germany

  • SIGMA 2015 Nov 4th - 7th, 2014

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