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12th Mar, 2024
John Wright Author Profile Photo John Wright

affcollect's website has been online since 2021 and seems to be a owned by a company called Red Earth Ltd. When you look up Red Earth Ltd they seem to be an affiliate group based in Malta. 

What is affcollect?

affcollect is a stats collecting platform for iGaming affiliates. It seems to be built from iGaming affiliates and it is tough to know if the site is active or not based on some missing information. There seems to be no terms and conditions and no information about the company or founders. 

affcollect pricing

The pricing seems to be around €3 per account so connecting up to 100 accounts can cost €300 per month. Overall it seems a bit expensive compared to other tools on the market like for example. 

From their website:

Finally, a Simple & Accurate Stat Collector AffCollect is a one-stop-shop solution that places data accuracy, reliability, and ease of use at the forefront.

affcollect testimonials

Now in the section for testimonials is a less than flattering statement of 3 identical reviews from a "Client One" with the mention of Founder, Company Ltd. I think this section hasn't been filled out yet and remains to be filled. 

Alternatives to AffCollect

There are a lot of worthy alternatives to AffCollect that include the following:

12th Mar, 2024
John Wright