Tips on selecting a sportsbook to promote: Current Events

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21st Aug, 2018
Dealer Dan

With so many online sportsbooks out there, it can be tough to decide who to promote.

There are so many things you need to think about when promoting an online sportsbook.

How is their customer support?

What is their SBR Rating?

What sports do they cover?

How good is their bonus?

Do they offer crossover?

One major deciding factor for me when it comes to picking online sportsbooks to promote, is how they handle current events.

Take yesterday for example: the biggest sports story of 2012 occurred, when the Indianapolis Colts announced that they would no longer be retaining Peyton Manning.

Peyton, their franchise quarterback, would become one of the hottest free agents in the history of sports.

While Colts CEO Jim Irsay was busy blubbering about this loss, the team at Bovada were busy doing work.

They were focusing on who was more likely to sign up Peyton Manning, and setting odds on it.

Why? Because they know that this is going to become one of the biggest sports stories over the next month, and they want to capitalize on it!

Within two hours, Bovada had the option available for punters to bet on what team Peyton Manning would go to next.

Within two hours, people didn't have to just speculate: they could put their money where their mouth was, and bet on Mannings next destination.

Whether you thought he would replace Sanchez at the Jets and have a huge rivalry with brother Eli, or if you think he would join the uprising Seattle Seahawks - Bovada listed the most likely options, and allowed people to bet on it.

This is great - but Bovada went one step further.

As soon as the odds were listed, Bovada sent out an e-mail to all affiliates notifying them.

This would get word spread quickly around the internet and get Bovada free publicity due to articles like this: Bet on What Team Peyton Manning Will Sign For.

This is a sportsbook that truly gets it.

Current events are huge, because they capitalize on impulse.

Most people don't know you can bet on circumstances like this either, so today all around the world at the water coolers, as people talk about Peyton Manning, there'll be one guy that says "Hey, did you know you can actually bet on it?".

And sure, the discussion will get some laughs, as people talk about how you can "bet on anything these days".

But at the end of the day, you can bet on it. And people will.

Hopefully more sportsbooks follow suit when events like this occur.

This article was written by Graeme from and is one of our listed affiliate coaches.

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Sportsbooks must catch up with the world at every moment

A worth promoting sportsbook is that one that is always looking for the latest news on sports and everything that surrounds them such as agents, owners, sponsors and of course, the players that end up making the gamblers lose or win.

With that being said, making a huge effort to promote a sportsbook that does not update its offers or betting alternatives is simply going to lead right into failure or low sums of revenue.

A growing sportsbook must be looking to profit from anything that revolves around the sports that they offer to the players. Just like it was explained previously, free agents’ new teams and future transfers are two of the best ways to make money without having to involve a match result.

Another great way of profiting from sports is offering the layers the chance to guess the final statistics of a player or a particular team.

Specific stats such as points made and points received at the end of a match or season can be quite popular betting alternatives for the players that love getting credited for their predictions.

The variety is key for a sportsbook

There are more than 500 different sports around the world. In those 500 sports, there are at least 100 leagues that are distributed across the whole world.

With that being said, the variety of sports that are available on a gambling platform is one of the most important aspects that could make a sportsbook good or plain disappointing.

Therefore, as an affiliate, you must check the total number of sports events that are available to the registered players. The more there are, the higher number of active players that will be betting on it regularly.

Apart from the total number of sports events, check the variety of sports leagues and countries. Make sure to check out the odds that are offered on the platform as well. A sportsbook with decent odds will attract a high number of new players easily.

Think of what is at stake for you before anything else

Surely, the relevance and popularity of the sportsbook is more than just crucial for an affiliate marketer when it comes to promoting one of them. Nonetheless, you must place your interests at the top of the priorities at all times.

Therefore, discuss the different terms and conditions of the agreement between the sportsbook and you. Analyze what they can offer you and the possibilities of earning more in the future as well. After all, as an affiliate marketer, you must be looking for improvement too.

With that being said, let the sportsbook know your value by telling them how much you wish to earn per new player registered and anything else that concerns you. Being clear about these aspects can save up lots of stress in the future without any doubts.

Your promotions and your overall effort are important to all the gambling platforms on the market due to the fact that they all require popularity to grow and develop on the competitive industry that iGaming is right now.


21st Aug, 2018
Dealer Dan