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Name/Alias: Rostick Age: 26 Hometown: Bucharest Living In: Bucharest, Romania Sites:, 1. Are you a full-time gambling webmaster, or have you got another job as well? Full time. 2. How long have you been involved in the gambling industry? What drew you to being a webmaster? Seven years. My passion/expertise for sports, betting, internet and coding left me with an easy choice. 3. What did you do before you became a webmaster? Before becoming a webmaster I was in highschool, so not much. In my first years as a webmaster I also worked as a bookie, besides completing my education. 4. How do your family and friends feel about your work as a gambling webmaster? My parents and 2-3 close friends pretty much understand and support my work, the other people basically think that I am hitting the casinos or that I am running one:). 5. One of the biggest issue affiliates face is time management. What tips can you offer your fellow webmasters? I`m not really into giving advice as I feel that this honor should be reserved only for truly established experts. Also, every individual should find his/hers own way of succeeding. I`ll only say that if you start something, focus on that thing and finish it. 6. Where do you go or what do you do when you need to get as far away from work as possible? I hit the gym, grab some beers with the guys or watch a movie. Can`t go too far away from work though, as my website needs daily hours to be put in, without exception. 7. What do you like about the gambling industry? I love the thrill and the excitement, no doubt about that. Regarding strictly the affiliate industry, being your own boss is surely something everybody would like to be able to do. 8. What don't you like about the gambling industry? I think the affiliate industry is going downwards with all the legislation changes and the lower commission rates. I also do not like the mobile technology progress, as it is much harder to convert players on the phone. I am really concerned about these aspects of the industry. 9. What do you look for when you sign up with an affiliate program, and why? No negative carryover and decent terms and conditions, for obvious reasons. Also, I like to mix up established brands with newer but reliable ones. 10. What's your favourite affiliate program to work with so far, and why? There are a few, but I`ll go with Sbobet. Their services are top quality but they are not so well known globally yet, so it`s easier to convert players. Their support for affiliates is also solid. Get connected with

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