is the main website in the Netherlands about playing online blackjack and offline blackjack. Get detailed explanations about rules, strategies, casino bonusses, free spins and much more. With more than 10 years experience in online gaming we've come by every topic in online gambling and we've seen the market change. In the beginning we did not play by the books, but relied on our gut feeling. After serveral bad streaks (in our inexperienced opinion) we had to step up our game and make changes. We studied all the literature about black jack with specific attention to changes of hitting certain cards and card counting. After we got a hold of the blackjack basic strategy we did a lot better in local casino's. In the same periode more and more online casino's popped up out of nowhere. We have to admit: a lot vacations were booked with the profits of casino bonusses. The rules weren't that strict at the time, but things have changed and there a no foolish casino's anymore. Every now and then we spot some casino's with very low wagering requirements and test them ourselves. This experience helps our visitors for not making the same mistakes we have made in the past.

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