BonusParadise is mainly an online casino forum that is an online gambling guide. The site has been around for many years and the moderators aim to look out for the best interest of their players and help them get more value out of their online casinos in the process. The site is in English, German and Dutch languages and as of 2014 features over 7000 forum members with over 25,000 discussions and over 85,000 messages. The site is also with responsive design making it easy for mobile users to use the site. The forum is broken down into the following sections: important announcements, exclusive bonuses, new player bonuses, best ongoing bonuses, freebies including free tournaments and no deposit bonuses, gambling talk, chat forum, winning stories, game reviews, contests and more. They also have a small section dedicated for bingo and skill game users to be able to chat and ask questions.

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1. When was the site launched? We did launch in 2008, although I did buy the domain in late 2007. 2. Why did you pick BonusParadise for the site and domain and what was your goal in establishing the site? I liked the name, I wanted to launch a site which provides good info on best bonus offers from reputable online casinos and more. 3. What forum software do you use? We are now using xenforo forum software. We have been using vbulletin the years before, but vbulletin is not the #1 software any more. 4. Do you have any tips for other webmasters that want to launch a forum and grow a community? If you want to start a forum/community, you need to realize that it is a 24/7 365 days job, it can take time that your forum starts to grow. Most important is, you really need to like your job, you need to like people and understand their needs. If you run your gambling community with your heart and really love your job, you can be successful :) Of course it is very important that the forum is active, and with this I mean, there must be daily something new posted. Never forget that your members are most important for your community, treat them with respect, make them feel welcome and at home.

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