KasinoKing.co.uk After being an online casino player for 5 years, I created my website in 2006 for the sole reason that I could not find any existing websites which gave players ALL the key information about casino's welcome bonuses. I worked out a rating system to calculate which bonuses were the best VALUE for players - the ones which gave the best chance of profiting. Right from the start I tried to convey all this vital info in as few words as possible on the assumption that other gamblers were as impatient as me! I only focus on casinos and haven't tried to target any specific country or continent, though I do have special pages for USA players, Mobile Phone players, Live Dealer players, etc... My casino reviews and other guides are all written by me as a real-money player myself, not just some marketing blurb created by some nameless bod who never gambled a dime in his life! I only list casinos who I would (and often do) trust with my own deposited money. I have no time for rip-off merchants or casinos who don't want to offer players decent incentives to play with them. My site now has over 50 pages of information, including beginners guides, playing tips, jargon busters and of course, information about over 200 casinos! https://www.facebook.com/kasino.king https://twitter.com/KasinoKing

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