hello , this one is not finish yet but it will be soon and it will be the same of the one of .fr but for malta so you can have an idea of what it will look like soon , please contact me to speak about it and i can expain what i mean i m presentating all the bonus available for maltese residents, i m the only one to propose it and it will be great for malteses residents and also for you to accept to be partner with me because it will give you a new market . i propose to explain matched betting on my website but i dont promess any incomes, and also i have a tipser famous in the rugby category who is with me on the website i would like to see if you can propose a special bonus for malteze residents since no one propose it yet and it is allowed . i did live in malta during 5 years and i know that people would register if you know how to promote in malta which is a beautiful and special small island . i m registered as a company regards bertrand bouzy

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