MisterOdds.com is a website that helps players with information on betting on sports. The site was launched in 2014 and aims to provide the right tools for sports bettors whether beginners or experts. The site is broken down into a few categories including betting tips, sports blog, sport calendar and bookmakers. Some of their stand out features that should differentiate them from the hundreds of other betting portals is their tipster competitions featuring monthly prizes. They also offer free bet competitions and provide premium tips.

Interview with MisterOdds.com

1. What is MisterOdds site all about? Misterodds is basically a sport betting community which was created specifically to meet the needs of the 'average bettor' meaning a clean and easy to use portal with all the necessary information, no clutter and unnecessary advertisement . We do not focus on one particular aspect like many other similar websites do, instead we bring a variety of features all in one such as an Academy which was written by professionals, a betting tipster page where people can share their knowledge and learn from others, a custom Calendar of events to keep track of upcoming events, detailed and fair bookmaker reviews, sporting articles and more. The aim is to keep growing and learning from our users. 2. How is it different than other affiliate portals that focus on sports betting? As mentioned already, Misterodds is totally original, we have analysed all similar sites and were not fully impressed, as a team of betting professionals ourselves we saw a gap! We offer many features in one rather than focusing on a particular feature, the main difference however is the clean look and original features, we want to help our users become better at betting instead of pressing them with adverts by providing free sport articles and a free academy - also, we will be providing the website in a variety of languages to reach a wider audience such as Russian, Spanish, French, Greek, Dutch & Italian. 3. The site appears to be formatted in responsive design for mobile users, how important is this for your users? Yes this is a vital feature nowadays as many people are constantly on the move or do not have access to a computer at all times. people nowadays wants to be constantly informed and since most betting sites have a mobile app feature it was seen as a necessity more than a choice. We want the best for our users and not having a mobile version of the site is unacceptable! 4. How are the tips provided or calculated for your users? The tipster page was custom designed in a way that anyone will be able to understand, from posting a tip to reading it. We have created a huge database of sports, teams and outcomes for our users to simply 'select' instead of manually inputting the data. Tips are calculated based on ROI (return on investment), our users have the choice to select the best odds on the market and the stake (amount of risk) to place on each bet which helps other users analyse it better. Another point regarding the betting tips is that they are completely free for anyone to use unlike other tipster sites where there are long registration processes which may be off putting. In the future we play on having premium tips where the top tipsters will be submitting their tips 5. Why should punters join your site over others? Many reasons! our team have worked hard for months in order to provide the ultimate portal for our users, testing and making sure that anyone can use it with ease. Our team is not made up of a bunch of amateurs, we are all betting professional who work in the gaming industry and web development and therefore our users can trust us to provide quality information. We pride ourselves on NOT sending spam and crowding our users with adverts while making sure that we answer any queries or problems that our users have promptly. The main goal was to create a community where everybody helps each other to become a smarter bettor who makes wise decisions and keeps control of their money, while acknowledging the problems associated with gambling we encourage our users that sports betting should not be taken too seriously, if done well and responsibly it can be a fun hobby & profitable at the same time.

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