ProfessionalRakeback is a poker affiliate portal specialized in rakeback. It doesn't provide gambling services but rather news and information about other casinos and gaming sites. Professional RakeBack takes into account that every player is looking for something different depending on his own interest. That is the reason why they offer a list of poker websites with their features, in order to help players to find the most proper casino for each one of them. Professional RakeBack also features the most actualized information about casinos and rakeback, as well as many reviews with the pros and cons of the different gaming rooms. Furthermore, they are committed to reach new rooms for the gamers and to pass along to casinos the reports written by the players. On the other hand, Professional RakeBack also offers some tips and advices about gaming, solutions to problems that poker players usually have to deal with, and some useful tools that will increase the success of gamers. One of the best examples of the exclusive tools that they offer is their US Poker Site Payout Guide. Each month they gather as much information as they can, as reported by real poker players, from all of the popular Internet poker forums and chat groups. That publicly verifiable data is aggregated each month and published each month, along with their own opinon of where the market is heading, so that players can continue to be paid quickly and avoid scam poker sites.

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