As far as we are aware Slots Guide is the only casino portal in the world to be run by a Nobel Peace Prize winner and by somebody helping to combat and prosecute cyber-criminals. Credentials don't get any better than that so you know you are in the right place at Slots Guide! opened their virtual doors on January 1st 2015 and have quite the following due to their impartial slots and casino reviews. With their honesty and up front approach they try to tell you exactly how it is rather than being just another banner farm for whichever casino looks the flashiest. As well as comprehensive slots and casino reviews, Slots-Guide has done a lot of research into the inner workings of casino software and you can learn a lot from their articles. What's more is they have a tough stance on problem gambling as well as the nonsense you are likely to find in the online casino world. Finally let's take a moment to mention their strategies guides. While they are certainly not promising to turn you into an overnight winner, what they are doing is showing you exactly why players lose all the time and how you can best avoid falling into classic traps.

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