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Gaffg is pleased to present our 8th annual awards! The Gaffg Awards recognizes the best gambling affiliate programs and affiliate managers in the gaming industry. The 3 award categories of awards are Trusted Affiliate Program, Trusted Affiliate Manager and Charity Recognition Award. This year we are expanding our list of winners of affiliate programs and affiliate managers for 5 gambling categories or gambling veritcals of casino, poker, sportsbetting, bingo and lottery. 

The charity recognition award is awarded by the Gaffg staff while the other 2 awards are determined by votes from our listed and approved webmasters. 

Previous Awards Winners

Charity Recognition Award

The Charity Recognition Award was created to show appreciation to online gambling operators that give to a charity organization in any context whether it is by donating time, money or resources to help those less unfortunately. We respect those operators that participate in charity work. The Charity Recognition Awards are determined by the Gaffg managers.

Trusted Affiliate Manager

In the online gambling industry, trust is required for affiliates and operators to work together. Trust is also something that has to be earned by both parties. The Trusted Affiliate Manager award recognizes those managers that have earned the trust and respect from webmasters.

There are 3 awards given per gambling veritcal out for Trusted Affiliate Manager.

Trusted Affiliate Program

The Trusted Affiliate Program award is given to the program that has earned the respect and trust from affiliates. With hundreds of gambling affiliate programs to choose from, most affiliates tend to promote the brands they trust the most and we feel that these programs deserve more recognition so that other affiliates know of programs they can work with and trust.

There are 3 awards given per gambling vertical out for Trusted Affiliate Program.

Rules and Voting Eligibility

  1. Affiliates must register in order to be eligible to vote. To complete the registration, affiliate can create a profile and list 1 or more of their websites. All affiliates must provide a link to their responsible gambling page in order to be eligible to have their websites published in our directory. 
  2. Only affiliates can vote for their trusted affiliate programs & managers and they must be listed as a Gaffg Trusted Affiliate. The main criteria for getting listed as an affiliate on Gaffg is to have a quality website and to link/recommend sites to players about problem gambling and where to get help for gambling addiction.
  3. Each eligible affiliate is allowed to vote for up to 3 affiliate programs and up to 3 affiliate managers per gambling vertical. Each affiliate manager and affiliate program selected will carry equal weight in voting.
  4. Only 1 affiliate is allowed to vote. Any affiliate deemed to be abusing or manipulating the voting system will have their votes deemed ineligible and may have their affiliate profile removed from the website. Also operators or affiliate managers with affiliate sites will not be allowed to vote. If an affiliate owns more than 1 website they still only get to have 1 vote.
  5. The voting starts Monday November 12th, 2018 and ends Monday December 31st, 2018 at 11:59 pm eastern standard time. The winners will be revealed in January 2019.

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